Introducing Havelock London

  • December 13th, 2018
  • Matthew Beddall

After 17 years in Winton’s engine room I have decided to put down my (metaphorical) shovel, stop stoking the boilers, and create a new Investment Management business, in the form of Havelock London. Together, with my three co-founders, we have come together in the belief that the savings and investment industry has further to go in using data and technology to deliver value to those it serves. We will be working towards offering products that implement what we believe is best practice for a modern investment management business. As of September 2017, I shall be wielding my new Havelock shovel, working hard to build something completely new.

Joining me in this adventure are Neil Carter (ex-Jupiter Senior Distribution Head), Kate Land (ex-Winton Research Director) and Alisdair Wren (ex-Winton Technology Director). As a team we have lots of professional experience with data analytics, technology and investment management, which will be complemented by my experience in applying value investing techniques to manage my own savings.



Matthew Beddall