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Havelock London is a new entrant to the investment management industry, founded in the belief that decisions based on data can support the long-term, disciplined approach required for successful investing.

The world is experiencing a revolution in the availability of data and the technology to analyse it. We believe this presents investors with an unprecedented opportunity to make better decisions by being more objective about the long-term value of the assets they own. In a world drowning in information, these decisions can only be made by knowing how to filter the data, understand it, and recognise what really matters.

Our philosophy is to focus on a small number of well-understood investments, whose value comes from economic activity in the real world. We believe we can quantify this value through analysis of data, and remain rational when prices move away from economic reality.

As with many areas of life, there is little we can know for sure. We use statistics to understand the uncertainty in our views and the risks that we face. This prevents us from becoming over-confident, and is what allows us to make disciplined investment decisions.

Technology lies behind this process, allowing us to be diligent, focused and lean. By identifying and monitoring key data, we keep watch over our investments, test our assumptions, and avoid being drawn into short-term thinking.

LF Havelock Global Select

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Matthew Beddall

Matthew Beddall

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew worked at Winton for 17 years, eight of which he served as Chief Investment Officer. As CIO, he had responsibility for overseeing all of the firm's investment activities, including for the flagship Winton Futures Fund. During his tenure, Winton grew to have $32 billion in assets making it one of the largest hedge funds in Europe. He also sat on the Board as a Director, and on the Executive Committee.

Matthew previously graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics. He combines a long-standing personal interest in value investing with extensive professional experience in systematic funds, leaving him with a firm set of views as to how best to manage savings and investments – all of which he has applied to his own money.

    Kate Land

    Kate Land

    Chief Data Scientist

    Kate has 15 years' experience of quantitative research and data science, with a proven track record of building practical data-driven solutions to high-value problems.

    She has a degree in Mathematics & Astrophysics from the University of Cambridge, a PhD in Cosmology from Imperial College London, and held a research fellowship at the University of Oxford. In 2008 she transferred to industry and expanded her enthusiasm and experience in the statistical analysis of complex datasets as a research director at Winton.

    Further experience in fintech developed her understanding of the potential for data, technology, and statistics to tackle business problems. She believes the secret of effective data science lies in keeping things as simple as possible, but no simpler. This belief aligns with the values and objectives of Havelock London.

      Alisdair Wren

      Alisdair Wren

      Chief Operating Officer

      Alisdair spent seven years at Winton, designing and implementing software to support research and trading, and managing IT infrastructure with a focus on assurance and cyber security. He has keen interests in solving business problems with technology whilst minimising complexity and other overheads, and in the clear communication of technical ideas to audiences of all backgrounds.

      Alisdair has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Imperial College London and a PhD from the University of Cambridge, where he focused on the real-world applications of programming language theory to software performance and safety.

        Neil Carter

        Neil Carter

        Chief Commercial Officer

        Neil worked at Jupiter Asset Management for over 13 years, where he held a number of roles including Head of Strategy for Global Financial Institutions. He was responsible for distributing Jupiter’s products both in the UK and internationally, during which time he developed an in-depth understanding of the global investment management market.

        Before Jupiter, Neil worked at Fidelity for four years, after graduating from his degree in Physics. He recently completed his Executive MBA at Henley Business School, where he developed a passion for understanding how to build customer trust in financial services – a passion he shares with the other Havelock London co-founders, and which is central to the new company’s mission.

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