Privacy notice

This notice describes how we – Havelock London Ltd. – collect and use your personal information. Our website is at and we can be contacted via the contact form, or at 4 New Quebec Street, London, W1H 7RF.

How we collect information, what we collect, and how we use it

We may collect and use information about you for several purposes, such as when you:

  • visit our website or contact us in some other way – for example, email, telephone, post, or social media;
  • ask to receive updates and/or marketing from us;
  • meet us or attend an event we organise;
  • are a client, either directly or indirectly;
  • provide services to us, either directly or indirectly;
  • hold a senior position at a company in which we may invest;
  • apply for or interview for a job with us; or
  • are an employee.

If you send us your information or communicate with us for these purposes, you give your consent to use your information for that purpose, and to monitor and ensure the smooth and secure operation of the relevant systems. In some cases, we may be prevented from performing these activities if you withhold your information or your consent. Further, if we have an agreement with you – such as if you are a client or a service provider – we may use your information to fulfil and monitor your and our obligations under that agreement. In either case, we may also use your information in order to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations.

In carrying out these activities, we may collect:

  • your contact information, and other data that arises in the course of communication with us – including certain technical information;
  • information you give us directly, such as in a form or an email;
  • information that arises from an agreement you have with us, for example during the use of our services.

Some of the purposes above – such as if you are or may become a client, supplier, investee or employee – may mean we have to collect and use other information about you to perform due diligence or similar checks. In these cases, we may use additional information about you that:

  • we request from you;
  • is in the public domain;
  • is provided by public bodies; or
  • is provided by other third parties.

Sharing and storing your information

We use third-party service providers to provide us with information storage and to help us perform some of the activities above. We will share your information with these providers when they need it in order to provide their services. We do not allow them to use your information for other purposes.

Your information may be shared with another business if we enter into a joint venture or merge with them. We may also have additional legal and regulatory obligations to share your information, or may have to respond to request from regulators or law enforcement bodies.

We will store your information as long as it is legitimately required to perform these activities. Particularly for regulated activities – such as the marketing and provision of financial services – we have additional legal and regulatory obligations to retain records after these activities have been completed. These records may include information about you, our communications with you, and the services we have provided to you.

Your information may be stored or transferred outside the EEA, in which case we will ensure the relevant agreements or local regulations are in place so that your information is treated according to this notice.

Your rights

You have the right to access or correct the information we hold about you, to request its deletion, or to withdraw your consent for us to use your information for a particular purpose. To do so, please write to the Data Protection Officer at the address above.